Elizabeth Sims draws upon utopianism, mysticism, and intimacy with the land, exploring natural processes as models for liberation. Through an interdisciplinary practice, she crafts the rituals and totemic imagery of an alternate origin myth that emphasizes our primordial heritage.

Sims interprets contemporary social movements as the re-activation of elemental states. Stone is a potent talisman in her work, expressing the power of time, pressure, and mutability; the inheritance of the dispossessed. Her work promotes an atavistic tactics that embraces permeability and volatility. Her projects often take the form of encounters that catalyze subversive modes of clandestinity and collectivity.

Positing landscape as myth and metaphor for the politically contested territory of the self, Sims' work treads the zone of contention between civilization and bare life. Her practice affirms the radical potential of wilderness wandering and cosmic communion, resurrecting these ancient practices as forms of resistance against occupation and empire.

Elizabeth Sims is an activist and fifth-generation Californian living in Northern California.